Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hi, Low

My first post is about the high-low phenomenon.  Technically, high-low hems have been around since the Victorian era (think 1870s) when evening gowns were cut shorter in the front and longer in the back, but today's fashion is on a different level.  There are even high-low hems for tops.  I honestly hope this trend sticks around for awhile; I love mini skirts but a longer hem adds an edginess and class at the same time.  High-lows are the best of both worlds.  Here are some of my favorite looks, as well as a couple of my own pieces.

Supermodel Miranda Kerr in an Eva Brazzi evening dress

Exclusively on Nasty Gal

The "Abbey" skirt by UNIF. $60 on Urban and UNIF

Selena Gomez in ASOS

Reverse high-low?  This tank showcases high-waisted bottoms... 

My favorite high-low skirt - Akira Chicago Fall 2011.  This phone picture doesn't do it justice

And the newest addition to my collection: By Kimchi Blue.  Copped this for less than $20


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