Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I originally wrote this post for Free People, but thought I'd share it here :)

Post image for Guest Post: I Love You, New York

My love for the West Coast always has and always will flow deep through my veins.  However, transplanting myself to Philadelphia after twenty two years in the Pacific Northwest was equally one of the most terrifying and most exhilarating moments in my life. I’ve been missing my old, rainy stomping grounds in Portland and Seattle, but luckily a little bit of home made his way across the country for me this past week.  I hadn’t let myself truly embrace the East Coast yet – distracted by my longing for home – but together my favorite person and I explored everything that makes the East Coast its own world.  After traveling through seven states in less time than it takes to drive through California, I have a greater appreciation for the East Coast.  Philadelphia is where we go to see history at present.  Washington, D.C. is a place to reflect on where we’ve been and who we’ve become.  New York City is a temptress that will test our limits and realize our passions.  It’s funny… I’ve heard time and time again that people come to Manhattan to find love.  I don’t think many realize that there are so many things – not just people – to fall in love with.  Thankfully, that’s what I did this past weekend. I’m already in love with my best friend, so this weekend I fell in love alongside him.  We didn’t fall in love with each other in the city, but we fell in love with the city together.
It isn’t home… But I think it could be.
new york city
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new york city

Friday, August 22, 2014


My summer in Philly is coming to a close in a few hours and it has been nearly impossible to track everything I've discovered and accomplished over the past two months. Ahhh okay okay I was about to get all thoughtful and sensitive but honestly, this is the point of this post: I've gotten really into choosing music for Free People stores and I'd like to share 10 songs that made up my summer. Also I made a pretty picture so APPRECIATE IT. This playlist is unofficially called "GURLS WHO ROCK" (as you'll see, all of the artists are women or female-lead). But, for personal reasons, I'm naming it September. Hopefully, this will force me to follow up with an October playlist. P.S., I'm well aware that it's still August.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014


"there is no way to be truly great in this world. we are all impaled on the crook of conditioning. a fish that is in the water had no choice that he is. genius would have it that we swim in sand. we are fish and we drown."


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

ten things tuesday

I'm not really sure how the past two months have escaped me, but they have. I migrated to the East coast after graduation and have been in a whirlwind of new-city-distraction ever since. This summer has been filled with tons of firsts (and probably some lasts), so as it happens to be Tuesday, I'm going to quickly jot down 10 firsts that I've experienced thus far.

1. I ate a Philly Cheesesteak (in Philly!) for the first time.
2. I slept in a house alone for consecutive nights for the first time.
3. I wrote and published my first press release.
4. I saw the White House (amongst other D.C. attractions) for the first time.
5. I had flavored guacamole for the first time.
6. I went through my first (and 2nd, and 3rd...) over-40-hour workweek.
7. I ordered sushi for delivery for the first time.
8. I also had Mexican food delivered to me for the first time.
9. I spent an absurd amount of $$$ getting my hair done for the first (and last) time.
10. I had my first cross-country visitor last week.

Living on the East coast is strange. Living in Philadelphia is stranger. However, I'm okay with it because I'm a stranger to this city. I just need to get used to it.



Tuesday, June 3, 2014

ten things tuesday

1. I miss Sasquatch.
2. I realized that 15-minute naps are SO INCREDIBLE.
3. I found out today that I make really great fake farting noises.
4. Pastrami. Is. Everything.
5. I've eaten the same sandwich every day for almost a week in order to use up the loaf of bread I bought.
6. Graduation is next week and I'm terrified.
7. I sometimes spend hours at a time in my own head.
8. The 2nd season of "Orange Is The New Black" premieres on Friday!
9. My boyfriend asked me a question about Harry Potter out of nowhere this morning. <3 <3
10. I'm looking for an amazing book to read. Any suggestions?


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

ten things tuesday

1. It's Wednesday, but I don't care.
2. I spent this past weekend at Sasquatch! Music Festival. See pictures below.
3. I recently decided that I really really really enjoy "New Girl."
4. My parents are expecting me to move home for a week between graduation and moving to Philly, but it's not going to happen.
5. v bnjnkm,okiuy76t5re4dwd45fvgbhnjmk,l.;
6. My roommate, Alana, keeps typing on my keyboard while I'm writing this. I can thank her for #5.
7. I drank whiskey with the guys from The Growlers on Saturday.
8. I'm supposed to be studying for a quiz I have to take in 30 minutes.
9. Pizza is so great, all the time.
10. I did something I was really scared of doing.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

ten things tuesday

1. I take an absurd amount of scenery pictures and never do anything with them.
2. I'm really into wigs (and wings) right now.
3. Target doesn't sell disposable cameras anymore, which breaks my heart.
4. When I think about the future, I don't get excited because I love the present so much.
5. I changed the lightbulb in my bedroom... :/
6. As a child my parents forced me to sing karaoke for their friends and family, like, every weekend.
7. I really want to get serious about using coupons when I shop for groceries.
8. I still don't have a favorite flower, probably because I never get flowers.
9. Today my roommate told me she thought I would live off cheese and bread if given the opportunity. She's right.
10. I drink decaf coffee almost every day, but rarely caffeinated coffee.


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

ten things tuesday

I have had a favorite Free People blogger.  Her name was Bridgette and though I only read her blog posts, through her words, she portrayed herself as a freaking amazing person. Unfortunately for me, Bridgette is moving on to bigger and better things and I will be missing her in Philly by a matter of weeks.  I hoped I would meet the young woman that has inspired me in so many different areas of my life, but I guess I will have to wait.  I first stumbled upon this list idea on Bridgette's personal blog.  So, here goes nothing.

1. I can't fall asleep in my house alone.
2. I've never lived anywhere outside of Washington (but that will change in 5 weeks).
3. Pizza makes up most of my food intake and I do a special dance every time I eat it.
4. The lightbulb in my room has been out for a week. I'm okay with it.
5. I'm on a never-ending hunt for the perfect pair of sunglasses.
6. Boneless wings are so much better than bone-in wings.
7. EDIT: I wrote something here and deleted it out of embarrassment.
8. This line was related to #7.
9. So was this one.
10. I love...

Thank you, Bridgette.


Sunday, May 11, 2014


Seeing as we’re less than two weeks away from the big weekend, I’m going to share a music video playlist with y’all for the majority of Saturday’s lineup.

            I know it’s a long mix, but it’s all necessary.
PS- some videos NSFW
PPS- Dude York is coming to Rainy Dawg’s 11th BIRTHDAY FEST, 5/15.  Come thru and catch them before Sasquatch!
PPPS- My all-time Sasquatch! dream is for Daft Punk to show up during Panda Bear’s set to perform one of my favorite songs, “Doin’ It Right”.  CROSS. YOUR. FINGERS.

Stay tuned for Saturday’s Top 6!


Friday, May 2, 2014


For vol. 4 of The Sasquatch! Series, it’s only fitting that I introduce the 4 biggest artists that will be performing on Friday.  It is with a heavy heart that inform you that it’s pretty unlikely you’ll be able to see the entire set of all 4 of these performers (unless you have a Time-Turner, but we can’t all be Hermione Granger).  However, I hope you’ll familiarize yourself with each artist because they are all AMAZING in Completely. Different. Ways.

·      Die Antwood. I would not miss this performance for the world. I know this dynamic duo from South America isn’t for everyone, but they are the definition of performers. GUARANTEED TO ENTERTAIN. Also, warning: NSFW.
·      Foals. I had the pleasure of seeing this group live in Seattle this past December, still high off their third album’s worldwide success.  And round two, here I come.  Indie, pop, alternative, whatever.  If you’re into good music, you’ll be into Foals.
·      Foster The People. Get your pumped up kicks on, everybody.
·      Outkast. Not really that there’s an introduction needed, but the power duo that is AndrĂ© 3000 and Big Boi cannot be missed.  I repeat, DO NOT MISS THIS.  Hey, who cares if Outkast formed before most of us were born (1992ish)?  The point is, do not miss this performance because the two hip-hop legends have chosen Sasquatch! as one of the few festivals they’ll be reuniting Outkast for.  HEY YAAAA.

*NOTE: I chose mostly each artist’s popular songs, not necessarily their best.  And for Outkast, I didn’t include everyone’s go-to songs (Roses, Ms. Jackson, etc.) but added two of my favorite tracks of all time – “Unhappy” and “Spottieottiedopaliscious” – because I couldn’t not.

Still to come: Saturday AND Sunday artists


Tuesday, April 22, 2014



Shooooot. Sasquatch! is fast approaching. So here’s a mega mix of 16 artists that are performing on the first day of the festival. Listen to every track because it’s guaranteed that these songs will be on blast come May 23rd.

Stay tuned because the next post is going to be wrapping up Day 1 of Sassy!


Friday, April 11, 2014


Sorry for the momentary hiatus, but I just returned from my last spring break EVER.  I was away from my computer for an entire week and I was completely okay with it.  Plus, my road trip down to semi-sunny California allowed for hours and hours of Sasquatch! music discovery while driving, windows down, sunglasses on, and then windows up and sunglasses off about 5 minutes later because the west coast is more indecisive about weather than I am about which flavor of Top Ramen I should eat for dinner (chicken? beef? oriental? these are the issues that keep me up at night).

SO, I have good and bad news.  The good news: weekend 1 of Sasquatch! is going to be bigger than EVER.  Artists are being added almost daily.  The bad news: this overload of extra artists is a result of Sasquatch! canceling weekend 2 in July.  Sucks for those who can only make it to weekend 2, but yay for us.  Because of this influx of performers, today I’ve decided to compile a list of Sasquatch! artists and one (or two, or ten) of their best songs so you can go HAM for at least 3 or 4 minutes of each show you attend.

·      Night Beats.  Don’t miss them.  Seriously.  Listen to Hidden Circle.  You’re welcome.
·      Kithkin.  HEY THIS BAND IS COMING TO NEUMOS 4/11 SO CANCEL YOUR LAME PLANS THAT NIGHT.  Favorite song: “Fallen Giants".
·      Iska Dhaaf.  I don’t know too much about these Seattle natives, but I do know that Macklemore makes an appearance in their music video for “Everybody Knows”. So.  Maybe he’ll show up at Sasquatch!, too?
·      Kyle Dunnigan. You don’t need to be familiar with this funny guy’s stuff to have a good time, but watch his sketch, Craig vs. Wild, and pray Craig comes to Sassy.
·      Eugene Mirman.  This guy is actually pretty big time.  You might recognize him from Flight of the Conchords.  I’m only seeing him because he worked closely with Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie *swoon*.  WATCH.

·      White Sea.  Guarantee she’ll be playing “They Don’t Know during her set.  Does anyone else think this track could be the very distant, depressing cousin of The Darkness’ “I Believe In A Thing Called Love”?
·      Cowboy and Indian.  Ledbellies.  Enough said.
·      Shakey Graves.  Say hello to my new crush.  He does it all and I love it all.  Fall in love with him via “Late July”.
·      Mary Lambert.  Okay here’s another one of Macklemore’s friends!  I’m showing you her version of “Same Love” because honestly she completes the song and deserves more credit than she gets.  Listen here.
·      Foy Vance.  CHECK OUT THAT ‘STACHE!!!! And check out my fave song by him.
·      Houndmouth.  More moustaches.  More good vibes.  But actually, “Penitentiary”.
·      Crystal Fighters.  Alright, “LA Calling” isn’t even this band’s best/most popular song, but I want you to watch it because THAT’S GONNA BE US in less than two months!  GET PUMPED.

Enjoy the sun while you can.

Photo via UW Snapchats

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Hey 6 followers, I have a secret: I blog for my school's radio station. I've been working for them for a while but I've only written two posts so far because every time I go into the office to write, I end up just hanging out with friends and listening to music instead. Whoops. Anyways, I decided to stop being lazy and actually engage myself in the blog. So while I do that, I'll be copying and pasting my work onto this blog (cuz I know you missed me this past month). Since this is a radio station, my posts are all about music. I hate myself for doing it because I realllllly extremely 100% don't feel worthy of writing about music, but I need the practice because all I'm gonna be doing this summer is writing. SO HERE. Oh also I have a final in 5 hours and I'm doing everything in my power to not study for it.

It’s festival season, everybody, and I’ll be damned if you can honestly tell me you know every single artist performing at whichever musical weekend you’ll be attending. Yes, there are definitely people out there who will have done their homework before the festival, but it’s pretty much a given that most people have no clue who some artists on the line-up are (thanks for confirming this theory, Jimmy Kimmel). To make sure Kimmel doesn’t get a chance to humiliate even more people this year, I’m gonna do you a solid and introduce you to as many Sasquatch! artists as I can. I genuinely wish I had unlimited time and blog posts so I could cover all of the wonderful festivals coming up this spring, but it’s just not gonna work out like that. So. Welcome to Volume 1 of The Sasquatch! Series.
Sasquatch!, WA

There are about 100 artists struttin’ their stuff at weekend 1 of Sasquatch! this year, and I can’t promise that I’ll hit every single performer, but I’ll try to at least mention them. I’ve decided to go in a backwards order of “least popular” to “most popular,” Friday thru Sunday. This is about to be a 12-week series, so bear with me. And hopefully by the time Sasquatch! comes around in May, you’ll at least be able to listen to each artist and say, “Hey, I think I’ve heard of them.” Let’s do this.

1. Princess feat. Maya Rudolph – MAYA RUDOLPH WILL BE AT SASQUATCH! Go see her, if only just to say you saw the Bridesmaids star in person. Also, Princess is a Prince cover band, so you gotta go party like it’s 1999.

2. Gifted Gab – Girl’s a Seattle native and counterpart to 206’s Moor Gang. Check out her newest track here.

3. Sam Lachow and Raz Simone –not really familiar with their work, but stoked to see these guys regardless. Sam is a talent who produces hip-hop tracks that incorporate all types of musicality. Raz is just as much of a force to be reckoned with. Download Sam’s stuff via his website and cop some Raz originals here.

4. Modern Kin – hailing from Portland, OR, my backyard as a child, these talented folks produce eclectic beats that I don’t want to definitively group into any one genre. I can’t decide if I want to sway, bounce, or straight up dance along with them to my favorite song, “Abandon.” You decide.

5. The Physics – looks like you have a plethora of Seattle hip-hop artists to look out for this year. Learn the science behind The Physics before you see them live. Here ya go.

More to come next week. C YAAAAAA.


Thursday, February 6, 2014

and that's the way the (girl scout) cookie crumbles...

As usual, I'm sitting in my Weather class doing anything but paying attention. However, I overhear my professor use the word "thin" as I'm pulling out a piece of mint gum from my backpack, and BAM. Thin Mints. All of a sudden, I need Thin Mints. I know that Girl Scout Cookie season is just around the corner, so I take a cyber-trip to their website to find out when my favorite overpriced sweets will be making their way to the U District QFC... only to find out that the NATIONAL GIRL SCOUT COOKIE WEEKEND begins tomorrow! Aka, you bet I'm gonna share this wonderful news with my 6 followers. You're welcome.

In honor of National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend, I've decided to rank each cookie. Of course, this ranking is my own personal opinion, so you don't have to agree. But you probably should because I'm 99% positive I'm right. Also, I realize that this is me criticizing cookies, and I hate being a critic, but c'mon... they're cookies.

(there are actually 12 different types of cookies, but TBH, Savannah Smiles and Cranberry Citrus Crisps are a waste of everybody's time)

10. Thank U Berry Munch: I actually really enjoy cranberries, but I don't love them in my cookies. I've tried these cookies and they're honestly kinda plain and dry, like most people in life.
PROS: white chocolate chunks, cranberries make it seem semi-healthy, teaches the girls money management (what?)
CONS: guaranteed to CRUMBLE AND DIE in milk, cranberries make it seem semi-healthy

9. Dulce de Leche: I applaud these cookies on being multi-cultural. I've never had these, but I imagine they're overly sweet. Awesome if eaten in small doses (but honestly, who eats only a few cookies at a time?).
PROS: good for GSC for being "inspired by the classic Latin American confection," only cookie with caramel chips, provides the girls with people skills... lol
CONS: meh, they seem like the type of cookie that would get old after awhile

8. Thanks-A-Lot: These cookies only beat out Dulce de Leche because they're EXTRA multi-cultural. Each cookie says "Thank You" in various languages such as English, French, Chinese, Swahili, and Spanish. Flavor is simple but classic: shortbread with fudgy bottom (<-- lol ew).
PROS: i would probably never learn how to say "Thank You" in Swahili if it weren't for these cookies
CONS: i feel like they're being exclusive by not making cookies in like, EVERY language

7. Chocolate Chip Shortbread: I would say this is the meat and potatoes cookie of the Girl Scouts, but it's gluten free. Therefore, it's the health-conscious yogi zen master of the Girl Scouts. I slotted this cookie at 7 because I'm supposed to be gluten free and 7 is a great number. I should be on this cookie's jock, but it's "healthy" and I get weirded out by healthy cookies.
PROS: it's gluten free! also, it's the only chocolate chip cookie sold by GSC
CONS: not nearly as good as a gluten-filled cookie, chocolate chip cookies are better when they're soft (not shortbread smh)

6. Lemonades: I freaking LOVE lemon-flavored food, and lemon cookies are light, tasty, and dainty. I feel girly when I eat them and that's not a bad thing. Lemonades are basically lemon Oreos. Savannah Smiles are lemon-flavored too, but I kicked them off the list because they're covered in confectioners sugar and I always inhale that powdery poison and choke on it. So no.
PROS: not all cookies have to be sweet and rich, zesty time
CONS: contrary to its name, Lemonades do NOT work with lemonade

5. Tagalongs: I think Tagalongs are a favorite among many, but they're kind of just trying too hard for me. GSC's website says these cookies help the girls with decision-making skills, but Tagalongs are ANYTHING but good at making decisions. Too many ingredients. We all know there's only one GSC that's allowed to be all over the place...
PROS: chocolate and peanut butter is AMAZE, has a cool name
CONS: cookie WILL MELT in your warm little fingers. it's the only way. cookies are kinda fat so you don't get as many in each box

4. Trefoils: Talk about a classy cookie. When I eat a Trefoil, I'm like "it's time for midday tea, mother!" Also, I have a British accent and a poodle. But I think poodles are ugly so obviously I live in an alternate universe when I eat Trefoils.
PROS: takes you to another world, simple, smooth, buttery flavor
CONS: idk, are these also kinda stuck-up for being so elegant? some people may find them extremely boring

3. Do-Si-Dos: Like Lemonades, these cookies are the Oreos of peanut butter. There's no greater sensation than splitting the two sides of the cookie, eating the peanut butter alone, then regretting it because you have to eat the cookies alone, too. Nothing better. Peanut butter can stand alone. It doesn't need chocolate to make it special (that was a dig at Tagalongs, fyi).
PROS: peanut butter lovers UNITE!
CONS: the cookie is kind of oatmealy, so that could be a problem if you don't like oatmeal

the top two cookies are - and always will be - a toss-up, but today, this is what i'm feeling.

2. Thin Mints: Thin Mints are my typical go-to GSC. Being that these cookies inspired me to write this post, they should be slotted at #1. However, not everybody loves minty food. And for that reason, they don't get to be top cookie. Nevertheless, Thin Mints are bomb because they're chocolatey but not too chocolatey, fresh and light without tasting like toothpaste, and perfect as a post-meal snack.
PROS: they're thin so you get a lot per box! mint chocolate will make everyone want to kiss you
CONS: mint isn't for everybody, the corners of your mouth will absolutely be coated in chocolate (but hey, that's no problem because people will just kiss you and it will go away #fullcircle)

1. Samoas: Is there a cookie out there that is more perfect than a Samoa? I. Don't. Think. So. A Samoa is extremely complex and chaotic, from its caramel coating to its mess of coconut to its weird, linear chocolatey design. It has more baggage than an airport, but I am ALL. IN. Samoas are unique and visually pleasing. They're chunky and beautiful. There's more to love, really. Don't act like you didn't stick your unwashed finger into the hollow part of the cookie and twirl it like a pinwheel as a kid after playing with your germy neighborhood friends outside all day (praying that wasn't just me). I didn't even like coconut when I was little and I loved these cookies. They simply can do no wrong. They're team players, partnering up with anything from milk to ice cream to water to orange juice (honestly i just love orange juice and can drink it with anything). And for all you adults out there, I doubt you will find a cookie that pairs better with your burnt drip coffee or double shot of whiskey. I haven't tried it, but I DARE you to.
PROS: eating a Samoa can make someone feel like everything is right in the world
CONS: none haha duh

Now that that's over, I can't believe I just did that.


Friday, January 31, 2014

Nighttime Music

I just want to preface this post by saying I'm no music critic. The last thing I ever plan on doing in my life is becoming a reviewer. Yelp reviews? LOVE THEM. So helpful. Album reviews? Yes, please. But I typically like to leave the reviewing and criticizing up to the experts, and I am no expert in any field, really. When it comes to music, my mantra tends to be "Any way the wind blows / Doesn't really matter to me" (love ya, Queen). Some people find this extremely annoying. "You don't have a favorite artist? What genre do you like best? You haven't heard so-and-so's newest album?" UGH, LEAVE ME ALONE. I like what I like and I'm not going to apologize if I listen to three of Kendrick Lamar's songs on repeat and have never heard the rest of his album.

With that being said, there is a handful of artists that I can't help but obsess over. Even in my youth (I'm talking middle school days), I fell in love with some musical groups that, to this day, I am faithful to. I'm like a little puppy and these artists are my owners. I'll never stray. As I've grown up, so have these bands. It sucks because it's no longer fun to crush on dreamy lead vocalists such as Ben Gibbard (hi, you're 37. also you're not that cute but you have an A++ voice), Rivers Cuomo (43, the dude could basically be my dad), James Mercer (also 43...smh), and Julian Casablancas (okay you're 34 and to be fair i'm still into you because you're the face of one of my favorite bands of all time).

I'm now 22 years old and at that point in my life where I should be beginning to find older men attractive, right? WRONG. I think guys my age are the cutest. Physically, at least. I'll never love another like I love my favorite bands, but I've been wondering to myself: Where are all the good guys? Where are the Bens and Rivers and James and Julians of today's generation?... Oh, there they are: Avicii, Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki (jk you're old), more DJs, computer artists, etc. NOT. Actually, I honestly don't hate hate hate EDM, I just prefer to fall in love with the guy behind the mic, going to his shows and trying to make eye contact, pretending like he wrote that song specifically for me. Ezra, if you're reading this, the answer is YES I will absolutely marry you. You're perfect (and thank god for VW, couldn't have made it thru high school without you). You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one...

The point is, I finally have decided to open my heart up to new things. Have you heard of Night Moves or Night Beds? Don't get it twisted like I did, the two are completely different. But recently, these babes are my men. I don't love John Pelant (NM, 24) and Winston Yellen (NB, 23) just because they're downright sexy. They write and produce beautiful music that is wise beyond their years. I've been following Night Beds since its infancy when I heard one of Yellen's first songs, "Even If We Try," but Night Moves is new to me. Only knowing a few tracks of the latter, I was excited to see them perform live in Seattle last weekend. Night Beds was set to open for Lord Huron, but last minute, Night Moves filled in. Going to the show was fate for John and I. It was love at first sight, my friends. He is one of the greatest performers I've ever seen. You know that feeling when you just know you get someone? Watching him on stage, I felt like I was the only person in the room and he didn't even realize anyone was watching him. He's so young, raw, and passionate about his music and it was enough to make me lurk like a stalker after the show to meet/talk to him and buy his overpriced vinyl. On the plus side, I confirmed my suspicions of him: he's freaking perfect. Also, he signed my copy and put "xoxoxoxo" next to his name. And he asked for my number.*
Night Moves: John <3 (left). Mickey and Mark are cool, too though
Night Beds: Winston Yellen. Swoon.
Guys, if you're still reading this post, PLEASE do your ears a favor and listen to Night Moves and Night Beds. It's so frustrating that there are so many talented people out in the world and their voices aren't heard. I promise, you'll fall in love. And if you don't, you can just leave.

The only time it's ever been okay to take a mirror pic #ezra

* yeah he didn't actually ask for my number


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Happy National Croissant Day

If you're a croissant lover like me, today is your lucky day. Cuz guess what? We are dedicating this lovely Thursday to CrOiSsAnTs in America! It's a common misconception that croissants originated in France (suck it, France. You don't own croissants). Regardless of where they come from, January 30th is USA's opportunity to celebrate the soft, flavorful, flaky, beautiful, buttery bread that is the CROISSANT. Thank god for national holidays; so many of our foods deserve a day of praise. I just looked at the list and I've already missed so many great ones (National Spaghetti Day? Peanut butter day?! Bittersweet Chocolate Day?!?! God forbid I miss Semi-sweet Chocolate Day... Friends, save this link in your favorites bar). Anywho, I'm stuck in my Weather class and all I can think about is heading over to the cafe I work at to snag an almond croissant. I'm kind of nervous we'll already be sold out (we only get 4 almond croissants delivered to us daily, WTF), and I don't really know what I'll do if I can't have one. I NEED ONE. But I guess we'll croissant that bridge when we get to it (see what I did there...). Also, I can't help but feel the need to listen to Kanye's "I Am A God" on repeat today... He is, after all, quite the croissant connoisseur as well.
You should really listen to the whole song, but if you're impatient, jump to 1:57ish. YEEZUS WANTS HIS CROISSANTS, GOD DAMMIT.

So enough with the croissants already (update: I went to my cafe and we were SOLD OUT. I got a bagel instead. pissed about it). I'm sorry if this post's title lead you to believe I would solely be discussing croissants, but there are other things (far less important than food holidays) that are going on in my life that you need to know about.

To start, I gotta get it off my chest that I landed that job at Free People's Home Office in Philly! I'll be doing PR for the company and I am so stoked that I don't think it's fully hit me yet. I'm going to the EAST COAST! Granted, it's only for two months. But I can still say I lived on the East Coast at some point in my life, right? I turned in my formal acceptance this morning and now all I can think about is finding the perfect apartment with my friend Linnea and saving as much as I can to travel on the weekends (NYC, DC, Jersey beaches, etc). Needless to say, this summer is gonna be full of radness and you can bet your ass I'll be blogging all about it (ps- still haven't heard anything about the collab blog I'm supposedly starting. hence my semi-present existence here). Also, I think my roommate and I have ultimately decided against kitty adoption for the time being. However, I now have plans to adopt in Philly, as future roommate Linnea is, too, a feline fanatic.
My building's lobby... wtfperfection
Muh future city

In other news, I took a 24-hour trip home to Portland on Saturday with 3 of my college friends and it reminded me of why Portland is one of the greatest cities in the country. While giving them a tour of my favorite spots, it hit me that not everyone is lucky enough to grow up surrounded by such an awesome community. I grew up 20 miles outside of downtown but I still resonate with the city deeply. Sure, my friends grew up in San Francisco, Tokyo, and Southern California, so they didn't have it all that bad. But what I loved was that each of them adored my city. One friend even wants to consider moving to Portland. When people tell me how much they love my hometown, I'm like SHWING! I KNOW! It's small enough to feel intimate but big enough to get lost for the day; friendly enough to say hello to a stranger but unfamiliar all the same; it's cultured, progressive, green, basic, complex, and errthang in between. Above all, it's filled with underrated restaurants, book stores, museums, and parks that could make even the most technologically-addicted twenty-something-year-old turn off their beloved iPhone. Is that a bold statement? Yes. And it's a true statement, too.
Alana, me, Kelli, Katherine, and Lydia in Portland (#azns5evur)

I'm no foodie, but I am definitely a food addict. There's nothing I love more than discovering new things, and last weekend I discovered quite a thing. Quite a great thing, actually. It's called Sweedeedee (they don't have a website, but they do have a tumblr page feat. cat vids. great find, right?). It's a quaint breakfast and lunch spot with a kinfolky-vibe (think mason jars everywhere, clashing coffee cups, local everything). And most importantly, the food is DELICIOUS. I can see myself frequenting this place in the future if I ever move to North Portland. Or driving there because it's so worth it.
Sweedeedee Breakfast Plate, effing classic.
And a Portland tourist trip isn't complete without a pitstop at VooDoo Donuts!
I think this photo speaks for itself.

In summary, I'm having a major love affair with Portland and Seattle. I feel like they are so similar, it's just wrong not to favorite one over the other. Despite today's post centering around Portland, lately, I've been LOVING on Seattle. I want to rave about my recent Seattle obsession, like, RIGHT THIS SECOND, but I seriously cannot type anymore today because I'm a rambler. Aaand this entry is probably so long that people stopped reading post-croissant rant.

SO, I'm gonna cut this short and leave abruptly. Have a good rest of your Thursday!