Thursday, January 23, 2014

Katy's Back, Tell a Friend...

Hey everyone, remember me? I don't blame you if you've forgotten. Considering I wrote less than ten posts over the course of three months (nearly a year ago), I don't expect anyone to read this today. However, that's not saying much; I only had about three followers at my peak.

Looking back on my last post, I have no clue what Street Style plans I had. They must have been shitty because I disappeared out of nowhere. Just so we're all on the same page, let me update you on all the happenings of this past year (that should have been turned into unoriginal, grammatically incorrect blog posts but didn't because 2013 was the Year of the Lazy).

Katy's Important Life Events of 2013
1. Sold out of my online clothing store and failed to restock it
2. Moved to Hawaii for the summer (don't ask and I won't tell)
3. Lost myself and immediately recreated myself, c. July
4. Went to Riot Fest in Chicago and decided it's okay that I will probably always love the punk music that I listened to in my prime (at a ripe age of 12, I considered myself a full-fledged sk8er girl. ten years later, I'm still me)
5. Started acting my age. Who knew I wasn't actually a 60 year old woman trapped in a 21 year old's body?
6. Turned 22 (thanks, Taylor Swift, for the most annoying birthday ever. NO, I'M NOT FEELING 22).

And what crazy shenans have you missed these past 23 days of 2014?

Katy's Monumental Moments of 2014 (thus far)
1. Interviewed at Free People's Home Office in Philly (still waiting for a job offer)
2. Changed from a side part to a middle part (note: this is HUGE!)
3. Decided to adopt a kitty with my roommate (who knew adoption could be so spendy? waiting till our financial situations improve)
4. Started liking chicken salad sandwiches (yes, you're right, I might be the best blogger out there. real issues, that's what I'm all about)

It's pretty sad that I found six noteworthy events to tell you about for 2013, yet the first month of 2014 isn't even over and I already feel it necessary to mention four badass happenings in my life. It has become obvious to me in the past six months (refer to Life Events of 2013, #3 and #5) that I'm young, able, and damn lucky to be me. For that reason, I'm back on my blogging game, tellin' strangers about my radical life. However, I can't say that I'll be here for long. 

As much as I've thought about my return to this blog over the past year, I did not decide to come back until last night when my good friend suggested that we collaborate on a lifestyle blog. I was all for it! We've been texting about it nonstop, but this morning I realized that I'm a pretty shitty blogger. I've neglected this blog for a year and now I'm being unfaithful to it by gettin' with another. With that being said, I don't know what will happen to the KATY (cool title, Katy) blog. In my defense, I have accepted that I failed my writing ambitions by neglecting this for so long. The fact that this is really more of a rant diary than a public blog is comforting. It's a digital diary! Three cheers for technology! I don't need ANYONE to read this. As I'm writing this, I'm realizing that I'm doing it for me. If I do end up starting a blog with Kelli, it will probably be identical to what I would have written on here and I hope the public will be as accepting of it as my imaginary readers are of this one. Maybe along the way I'll even learn how to write correctly.
Me (left) and Kelli (right), my partner in blog-crime

You might be wondering why I've resurrected this sorry excuse for a blog (and to be honest, I'm wondering why I'm referring to "you" as if there's someone out there actually reading this, fingers hungrily scrolling the mousepad, thirsty face practically touching the screen, drinking up my poetic words, drop by drop... #wishfulthinking). You might be pissed that I'm even trying to redeem myself. The truth is, I missed it here (WARNING: serious feelings ahead, use caution). When I write in my diary, my words have a strong, confident voice. While typing this post, each word that appears on the screen is breathing a new life to this blog. While I can be one of the most reserved girls in a big group of people, I do have a lot to say. I have a ton of shit to pour out of my heart that no one probably cares to read but I want to share regardless. I'm not promising that I'm coming back to this blog, but I'm not saying goodbye forever. If my collab blog doesn't work out, I'll be back. If it does, maybe my three followers will be alongside me, making the transition to bigger and better things.

Honestly, I want to start taking action. I want to do things and not just talk about them. I want to experience literally EVERYTHING possible. I never want to pass on an opportunity to learn. I want this post to finally inspire me to get off my ass and be a happy, healthy, 22 year old. I want to be completely selfless and downright selfish at exactly the same time. But right now - this second - I want my Weather class to be over so I can escape this lecture hall and breathe that crisp, cool Seattle air that I've come to know and love over the years. Maybe this time around, I'll finally do all the things I talk about doing so next time I write, I'll actually have something worthy to say.


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