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Hey 6 followers, I have a secret: I blog for my school's radio station. I've been working for them for a while but I've only written two posts so far because every time I go into the office to write, I end up just hanging out with friends and listening to music instead. Whoops. Anyways, I decided to stop being lazy and actually engage myself in the blog. So while I do that, I'll be copying and pasting my work onto this blog (cuz I know you missed me this past month). Since this is a radio station, my posts are all about music. I hate myself for doing it because I realllllly extremely 100% don't feel worthy of writing about music, but I need the practice because all I'm gonna be doing this summer is writing. SO HERE. Oh also I have a final in 5 hours and I'm doing everything in my power to not study for it.

It’s festival season, everybody, and I’ll be damned if you can honestly tell me you know every single artist performing at whichever musical weekend you’ll be attending. Yes, there are definitely people out there who will have done their homework before the festival, but it’s pretty much a given that most people have no clue who some artists on the line-up are (thanks for confirming this theory, Jimmy Kimmel). To make sure Kimmel doesn’t get a chance to humiliate even more people this year, I’m gonna do you a solid and introduce you to as many Sasquatch! artists as I can. I genuinely wish I had unlimited time and blog posts so I could cover all of the wonderful festivals coming up this spring, but it’s just not gonna work out like that. So. Welcome to Volume 1 of The Sasquatch! Series.
Sasquatch!, WA

There are about 100 artists struttin’ their stuff at weekend 1 of Sasquatch! this year, and I can’t promise that I’ll hit every single performer, but I’ll try to at least mention them. I’ve decided to go in a backwards order of “least popular” to “most popular,” Friday thru Sunday. This is about to be a 12-week series, so bear with me. And hopefully by the time Sasquatch! comes around in May, you’ll at least be able to listen to each artist and say, “Hey, I think I’ve heard of them.” Let’s do this.

1. Princess feat. Maya Rudolph – MAYA RUDOLPH WILL BE AT SASQUATCH! Go see her, if only just to say you saw the Bridesmaids star in person. Also, Princess is a Prince cover band, so you gotta go party like it’s 1999.

2. Gifted Gab – Girl’s a Seattle native and counterpart to 206’s Moor Gang. Check out her newest track here.

3. Sam Lachow and Raz Simone –not really familiar with their work, but stoked to see these guys regardless. Sam is a talent who produces hip-hop tracks that incorporate all types of musicality. Raz is just as much of a force to be reckoned with. Download Sam’s stuff via his website and cop some Raz originals here.

4. Modern Kin – hailing from Portland, OR, my backyard as a child, these talented folks produce eclectic beats that I don’t want to definitively group into any one genre. I can’t decide if I want to sway, bounce, or straight up dance along with them to my favorite song, “Abandon.” You decide.

5. The Physics – looks like you have a plethora of Seattle hip-hop artists to look out for this year. Learn the science behind The Physics before you see them live. Here ya go.

More to come next week. C YAAAAAA.


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