Friday, April 11, 2014


Sorry for the momentary hiatus, but I just returned from my last spring break EVER.  I was away from my computer for an entire week and I was completely okay with it.  Plus, my road trip down to semi-sunny California allowed for hours and hours of Sasquatch! music discovery while driving, windows down, sunglasses on, and then windows up and sunglasses off about 5 minutes later because the west coast is more indecisive about weather than I am about which flavor of Top Ramen I should eat for dinner (chicken? beef? oriental? these are the issues that keep me up at night).

SO, I have good and bad news.  The good news: weekend 1 of Sasquatch! is going to be bigger than EVER.  Artists are being added almost daily.  The bad news: this overload of extra artists is a result of Sasquatch! canceling weekend 2 in July.  Sucks for those who can only make it to weekend 2, but yay for us.  Because of this influx of performers, today I’ve decided to compile a list of Sasquatch! artists and one (or two, or ten) of their best songs so you can go HAM for at least 3 or 4 minutes of each show you attend.

·      Night Beats.  Don’t miss them.  Seriously.  Listen to Hidden Circle.  You’re welcome.
·      Kithkin.  HEY THIS BAND IS COMING TO NEUMOS 4/11 SO CANCEL YOUR LAME PLANS THAT NIGHT.  Favorite song: “Fallen Giants".
·      Iska Dhaaf.  I don’t know too much about these Seattle natives, but I do know that Macklemore makes an appearance in their music video for “Everybody Knows”. So.  Maybe he’ll show up at Sasquatch!, too?
·      Kyle Dunnigan. You don’t need to be familiar with this funny guy’s stuff to have a good time, but watch his sketch, Craig vs. Wild, and pray Craig comes to Sassy.
·      Eugene Mirman.  This guy is actually pretty big time.  You might recognize him from Flight of the Conchords.  I’m only seeing him because he worked closely with Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie *swoon*.  WATCH.

·      White Sea.  Guarantee she’ll be playing “They Don’t Know during her set.  Does anyone else think this track could be the very distant, depressing cousin of The Darkness’ “I Believe In A Thing Called Love”?
·      Cowboy and Indian.  Ledbellies.  Enough said.
·      Shakey Graves.  Say hello to my new crush.  He does it all and I love it all.  Fall in love with him via “Late July”.
·      Mary Lambert.  Okay here’s another one of Macklemore’s friends!  I’m showing you her version of “Same Love” because honestly she completes the song and deserves more credit than she gets.  Listen here.
·      Foy Vance.  CHECK OUT THAT ‘STACHE!!!! And check out my fave song by him.
·      Houndmouth.  More moustaches.  More good vibes.  But actually, “Penitentiary”.
·      Crystal Fighters.  Alright, “LA Calling” isn’t even this band’s best/most popular song, but I want you to watch it because THAT’S GONNA BE US in less than two months!  GET PUMPED.

Enjoy the sun while you can.

Photo via UW Snapchats

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