Wednesday, May 28, 2014

ten things tuesday

1. It's Wednesday, but I don't care.
2. I spent this past weekend at Sasquatch! Music Festival. See pictures below.
3. I recently decided that I really really really enjoy "New Girl."
4. My parents are expecting me to move home for a week between graduation and moving to Philly, but it's not going to happen.
5. v bnjnkm,okiuy76t5re4dwd45fvgbhnjmk,l.;
6. My roommate, Alana, keeps typing on my keyboard while I'm writing this. I can thank her for #5.
7. I drank whiskey with the guys from The Growlers on Saturday.
8. I'm supposed to be studying for a quiz I have to take in 30 minutes.
9. Pizza is so great, all the time.
10. I did something I was really scared of doing.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

ten things tuesday

1. I take an absurd amount of scenery pictures and never do anything with them.
2. I'm really into wigs (and wings) right now.
3. Target doesn't sell disposable cameras anymore, which breaks my heart.
4. When I think about the future, I don't get excited because I love the present so much.
5. I changed the lightbulb in my bedroom... :/
6. As a child my parents forced me to sing karaoke for their friends and family, like, every weekend.
7. I really want to get serious about using coupons when I shop for groceries.
8. I still don't have a favorite flower, probably because I never get flowers.
9. Today my roommate told me she thought I would live off cheese and bread if given the opportunity. She's right.
10. I drink decaf coffee almost every day, but rarely caffeinated coffee.


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

ten things tuesday

I have had a favorite Free People blogger.  Her name was Bridgette and though I only read her blog posts, through her words, she portrayed herself as a freaking amazing person. Unfortunately for me, Bridgette is moving on to bigger and better things and I will be missing her in Philly by a matter of weeks.  I hoped I would meet the young woman that has inspired me in so many different areas of my life, but I guess I will have to wait.  I first stumbled upon this list idea on Bridgette's personal blog.  So, here goes nothing.

1. I can't fall asleep in my house alone.
2. I've never lived anywhere outside of Washington (but that will change in 5 weeks).
3. Pizza makes up most of my food intake and I do a special dance every time I eat it.
4. The lightbulb in my room has been out for a week. I'm okay with it.
5. I'm on a never-ending hunt for the perfect pair of sunglasses.
6. Boneless wings are so much better than bone-in wings.
7. EDIT: I wrote something here and deleted it out of embarrassment.
8. This line was related to #7.
9. So was this one.
10. I love...

Thank you, Bridgette.


Sunday, May 11, 2014


Seeing as we’re less than two weeks away from the big weekend, I’m going to share a music video playlist with y’all for the majority of Saturday’s lineup.

            I know it’s a long mix, but it’s all necessary.
PS- some videos NSFW
PPS- Dude York is coming to Rainy Dawg’s 11th BIRTHDAY FEST, 5/15.  Come thru and catch them before Sasquatch!
PPPS- My all-time Sasquatch! dream is for Daft Punk to show up during Panda Bear’s set to perform one of my favorite songs, “Doin’ It Right”.  CROSS. YOUR. FINGERS.

Stay tuned for Saturday’s Top 6!


Friday, May 2, 2014


For vol. 4 of The Sasquatch! Series, it’s only fitting that I introduce the 4 biggest artists that will be performing on Friday.  It is with a heavy heart that inform you that it’s pretty unlikely you’ll be able to see the entire set of all 4 of these performers (unless you have a Time-Turner, but we can’t all be Hermione Granger).  However, I hope you’ll familiarize yourself with each artist because they are all AMAZING in Completely. Different. Ways.

·      Die Antwood. I would not miss this performance for the world. I know this dynamic duo from South America isn’t for everyone, but they are the definition of performers. GUARANTEED TO ENTERTAIN. Also, warning: NSFW.
·      Foals. I had the pleasure of seeing this group live in Seattle this past December, still high off their third album’s worldwide success.  And round two, here I come.  Indie, pop, alternative, whatever.  If you’re into good music, you’ll be into Foals.
·      Foster The People. Get your pumped up kicks on, everybody.
·      Outkast. Not really that there’s an introduction needed, but the power duo that is AndrĂ© 3000 and Big Boi cannot be missed.  I repeat, DO NOT MISS THIS.  Hey, who cares if Outkast formed before most of us were born (1992ish)?  The point is, do not miss this performance because the two hip-hop legends have chosen Sasquatch! as one of the few festivals they’ll be reuniting Outkast for.  HEY YAAAA.

*NOTE: I chose mostly each artist’s popular songs, not necessarily their best.  And for Outkast, I didn’t include everyone’s go-to songs (Roses, Ms. Jackson, etc.) but added two of my favorite tracks of all time – “Unhappy” and “Spottieottiedopaliscious” – because I couldn’t not.

Still to come: Saturday AND Sunday artists