Friday, May 2, 2014


For vol. 4 of The Sasquatch! Series, it’s only fitting that I introduce the 4 biggest artists that will be performing on Friday.  It is with a heavy heart that inform you that it’s pretty unlikely you’ll be able to see the entire set of all 4 of these performers (unless you have a Time-Turner, but we can’t all be Hermione Granger).  However, I hope you’ll familiarize yourself with each artist because they are all AMAZING in Completely. Different. Ways.

·      Die Antwood. I would not miss this performance for the world. I know this dynamic duo from South America isn’t for everyone, but they are the definition of performers. GUARANTEED TO ENTERTAIN. Also, warning: NSFW.
·      Foals. I had the pleasure of seeing this group live in Seattle this past December, still high off their third album’s worldwide success.  And round two, here I come.  Indie, pop, alternative, whatever.  If you’re into good music, you’ll be into Foals.
·      Foster The People. Get your pumped up kicks on, everybody.
·      Outkast. Not really that there’s an introduction needed, but the power duo that is André 3000 and Big Boi cannot be missed.  I repeat, DO NOT MISS THIS.  Hey, who cares if Outkast formed before most of us were born (1992ish)?  The point is, do not miss this performance because the two hip-hop legends have chosen Sasquatch! as one of the few festivals they’ll be reuniting Outkast for.  HEY YAAAA.

*NOTE: I chose mostly each artist’s popular songs, not necessarily their best.  And for Outkast, I didn’t include everyone’s go-to songs (Roses, Ms. Jackson, etc.) but added two of my favorite tracks of all time – “Unhappy” and “Spottieottiedopaliscious” – because I couldn’t not.

Still to come: Saturday AND Sunday artists


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