Tuesday, September 15, 2015

ten things tuesday

I know it's been over a year since my last post, but this crazy thing happened today where I remembered I had a blog. And consequently, since it's Tuesday, here goes nothing. Here are 10 things that have happened over the past 384 days.

1. The below video should sum up 2014.

2014 from Katy Lohn on Vimeo.

2. I adopted two kittens with my roommate ex-roommate and they are my world.
3. I can add AUNTIE to my resume - I have a five-month old nephew and he is also my world.
4. 2015 has been full of newness.
5. Come November, I will have visited nine different states and three different countries in five months.
6. Goodreads is addicting.
7. Football season started last weekend, but more importantly, hockey season is in less than a month.
8. My best friend left me for Nashville last month. I don't think she's coming back. TORI I MISS YOU.
9. I'm going to at least post every Tuesday starting today.
10. I think I might have just started a new chapter of my life. It's great.


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