Thursday, October 8, 2015

throwback thursday

I missed 10 Things Tuesday, but I'm not surprised. Such is the life of a working girl... I never allow myself the time to blog when it's not for work. Siiiiigh.

Anyways, this isn't really a #TBT post. Last night my lovely friend Jordyn took me and Alana to a Tove Lo concert. I know, I know. Tove Lo - singer of radio hits "Talking Body" and "Habits" - can't be more than a two-hit wonder. Holy fucking shit was I wrong. I was completely blown away by her vocal chops. Suffice to say I really need to stop underestimating all of the mainstream artists on the radio.

We spent our Wednesday night singing and dancing (surrounded by hormonal teens, mind you) under the glow of her mere presence. And lights. A fuck ton of them, strobing and beating and flashing. I hadn't really escaped into that alternate universe in a long time - The one where everyone around you sweats to the beat of the music, where hearts race in unison, where eyes are closed but dancing under their lids. I missed it. And I want more of it.

I'm in love with a little Swedish girl. <3 Listen to my two favorites below.